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The Corporate Heroes agency develops Corporate Social Responsibility (CSR) activities for mid-sized and large companies. more …

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Corporate Heroes supports companies in fulfilling the latest requirements in personnel development and strengthening the employer’s image while simultaneously implementing social commitment. more…

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Corporate Heroes creates a sustainable return on your company’s CSR investment. more …

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Every employee can be a Corporate Hero within his or her company. more …

“We see no conflict between the social will to succeed and social and environmental commitment. For me, the difference between a good company and an outstanding company is the following; A good company offers excellent products and services – an outstanding company offers excellent products and services and is, at the same time, focused on creating a better world.”
— Bill Ford 1999

Welcome to Corporate Heroes

the agency for social engagement of employees

Corporate Heroes arranges, prepares, implements and wraps up CSR projects, initiatives and campaigns, innovatively combining CSR, personnel development and employer branding so that these three disciplines, otherwise considered separate, work cooperatively.

The company management’s social commitment is expressed through the deployment of employees for non-profit or environmental purposes.

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